Friday, March 2, 2012

DR First Few Days, Feb. 28, 2012 - March 1, 2012

Boise Airport. Bon Voyage.






El Papagayo is the little restaurant/local hangout at Suncamp.



Rosa, the chef at Papaguyo.



Rosa's art, made of goat fur.



This path leads to Starcamp, at the top of the Suncamp property.



This building is called Starcamp and it is at the top of the hill (Suncamp property). It was designed and built by Bernard (pictured below). Bernard was inspired to design the house after the earthquake in Haiti. The design is based on the strength of the triangle, and is supposed to be nearly earthquake proof. The homes can sleep up to eight people, and the large surface area of the roof allows for quick rainwater collection (you can see one rain barrel above). Bernard sells the kits to build the homes (color coded for self assembly) for around $3500.



Bernard giving us a demonstration of the house design.

Samuel Pellerin, Diane's son, picked us up from the airport (Diane is the owner of Suncamp). Ivy is petting Bernard's dog, Bobbie.



Bernard's garden and view from Starcamp. The mountain in the distance is El Monte De Isabela Torre.



Jadon and Ivy's favorite piece of furniture in our apartment.




Our apartment, on the second floor.


First night at the Papaguyo. They had a fundraiser for Jean-Claude, a Haitian who lives in the batey and is very ill with AIDS.



Diane Pellerin, the owner of Suncamp.



Brian Newhouse,



Ivy and her friend, Jeremy, searching for lizards and geckos. Jeremy is from Montreal and does not speak a word of English. Ivy has taken an interest in learning French.




At the beach in Puerto Plata.


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