Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Few More Photos of the Local Kids


Dominican girl doing her chores.



There are three Bateys in Munoz. The Middle Batey is where the community center is located and where Brian is focusing on the Village 12 projects. The Third Batey is a few hundred yards away, separated by an open field/playground. The First Batey is on the main road in Munoz about a quarter mile from the Middle Batey, and we pass it when we walk from Suncamp to the Middle Batey.

One of our constant companions is Elido, 7, one of the boys we took to the beach. He lives in the First Batey. Whenever he sees us he comes running with a huge smile reavealing a row of missing front teeth, and he pretty much sticks with us until we have to leave. He likes to hold hands at all times, and if you let go he'll grab a hand at the next opportunity.

As we were headed to the Middle Batey on Tuesday, Elido told us that his eldest sister, 16, and her boyfriend, died in a motorcycle accident over the weekend. We had heard about the accident from Diane the night before, but Diane did not know who the kids were. Elido told us his father also had died and that he used to have six siblings but now he only has five.





Paolino, 8, is another constant companion. He has a quiet personality and an illuminating smile. Whenever he sees us, he gives us a big hug. We learned this week that his father and mother live in Puerto Plata with seven of his siblings. Paolino and his sister live in the Middle Batey with his grandparents, aunt and two cousins. We haven't figured out yet why his entire family does not live together. Even though Puerto Plata is just a few miles away, Paolino only sees his parents occasionally.





As Kevin was painting the mural, Nana sat down in a chair nearby and was playing with a balloon.

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