Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 8, 2012 -- Morning Hike and La Playa

This morning Diane took us on a hike to see some of the scenery in the national park behind Suncamp. As you can see, the north side of this island is very lush and green, similar to the northern coast of Kauai.





Ivy hunts these little guys all the time, but they are hard to catch! We also have a couple geckoes who occasionally come visit us in our apartment.

Diane took this picture near an old sugarcane plantation. The trailers in the background were used to haul sugarcane. The Dominican government is currently trying to get the sugarcane industry back up and running.



You can see Starcamp (Bernard's house) up on the hill. Our apartment is about 50 yards below.



This afternoon we took three lovely girls to the beach and had the best time! Nairobi, on the left, is 11 years old. Her mother died and she doesn't know her father, so she is now living with her aunt and two cousins: Manuela (middle) and Manusca (right). These girls live only two miles from the beach, but the kids in the batey rarely get to go to the beach.



Nairobi and Manuela





Nairobi, Jadon, Manusca and Manuela



Nairobi and Manusca



Manusca and Ivy











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