Saturday, March 10, 2012

March 10, 2012 (Saturday)


As we've mentioned in a previous post, every Saturday morning Diane takes oatmeal to the kids in the batey. This morning Dorothy came with us. Dorothy is in her 80s. For six years she's been coming to Suncamp to help in the batey. Currently, she teaches English classes three times a week.



Amy loves Paolino.



We brought some stickers for the kids.



Jadon's buddies, Paolino and Sandy.



Mi Amor's jewelry. Ivy was trying on some bracelets a few days ago; two of them broke because the elastic Mi Amor is using is so old. We're going to take her to the store next week to buy her some new supplies.





Brian and Melanie invited us to take some more kids to the beach after breakfast.

Sandy got sandy.



Elido, Sandra, Jenny, Is My Love, and Sandy






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