Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 17, 2012 -- Third Saturday in the Batey











A few of the residents, including Manuela's and Manusca's mother, have washing machines, but most do all their laundry by hand. There's a woman several streets down who has 8 children. Nearly every time we've walked down her street, she is outside washing clothes in small plastic basins.


Diane has the kids pick up garbage as part of the Saturday morning activities..


Dorothy brought suckers to hand out after the kids had eaten their oatmeal. Even though she anticipated their reaction and barricaded herself between the Community Center and a bench, she was still overcome by the frenzy and in the end needed a moment to recover.


This Haitian woman in the Batey is sewing chicken diapers for a woman in the States, who apparently puts the diapers on the chickens when she takes them to chicken shows (like dogs shows). Diane told us that this seamstress is unclear what it is, exactly, that she is making.





Paolino's grandmother and sister.

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